How We Work

How we work with clients
Creating a custom cart is a building process. Initial discussions are focused on general characteristics of the design and function; length, width, height, weight capacity, and other needs are discussed.

CAD Drawings
As the process of development moves forward, CAD drawings are created and modified to show proper shelf heights, angles of work surfaces, and other important considerations. To guarantee a smooth transition from prototype to final product, PickingCarts works closely with the client and manufacturer. The use of computer aided design facilitates this effort.

The CAD drawings and Photographs shown on this web site are examples of client-driven products. With feedback from their associates, clients are able to provide ideas throughout the design process. Changes can be quickly made and new drawings returned by email to the client to help speed the approval process.

Once approved, a prototype is manufactured, tested, and approved for production.

We look forward to working with you on your specific cart requirements.

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