Pick-to-light Carts

Applying carts to your key material handling processes increases productivity and profitability. Now you can reach maximum performance by adding pick-to-light technology to your custom cart solution.

Along with mounted tablet displays, RF scanning equipment and long-life battery, our cart automation provides:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Real time inventory and order updates
  • Easy to learn and operate, perfect for seasonal/temporary workers
  • Real time management visibility of productivity
  • Low cost provides very fast ROI

Historically fully automated carts were only utilized by the very largest manufacturing or distribution operations. Today we've made the technology flexible, affordable and easy to implement by companies of all sizes and types.

Pick-to-light carts are a proven competitive advantage
across multiple applications and industries, including:

  • Direct to Consumer Order Fulfillment (e-Commerce)
  • Operations with a High Number of SKUs
  • Small Parts Inventory
  • Facilities without Conveyor Systems
  • Organization of Repetitive Handling Processes

Driven by unique software that continually optimizes operator output, our power-efficient light hardware can be applied to any specialized cart design. We deliver and support anything from simple two cart operations to large deployments used by more complex, very high-volume order fulfillment processes.

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Pick-to-Light Cart closeup

Pick-to-Light Cart